Dexter R-XI School District

In February 2021, Dexter R-XI School District was faced with every employer’s annual dilemma – continue with their current health insurance offering or establish a new plan for their employees. In the previous year, Superintendent Amy James noted that the insurance plan the district had in place had become limited and expensive. James decided it was time to find a new health plan to better meet the needs of District employees, spouses and dependents.

She began the process with the Insurance Committee of the School District, evaluating the current plan, individuals enrolled and claims. The Committee worked to identify non-negotiable items, such as plan offerings, affordability and accessibility, taking employee opinions into account. “The feedback gathered from what employees were looking for in an insurance plan played a vital role in the entire process,” notes James.

After meeting with various insurance providers, Saint Francis Health Plans was selected as the new insurance plan, effective July 1, 2021.

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Kelpro, Inc.

Eric Sadler, Product Sales Manager at Kelpro, Inc., saw an ad for Saint Francis Health Plans while watching television in early 2022. The custom metal fabrication plant where he worked in Sikeston had been facing a challenge with hiring and retaining good employees because they did not offer health insurance. With approximately 25 employees in the company, they did not know of any affordable options.

Kelpro learned Health Plans is a direct contracting option backed by Saint Francis Healthcare System. Through the insurance program, participants have access to Saint Francis facilities and providers, as well as other local providers outside of the Saint Francis Network. Health Plans aims to lower member and employer costs, improve member benefits and establish long-term partnerships with care providers to provide affordable, quality healthcare to the region.

Kelpro decided Health Plans was the solution it had been looking for and began offering it to employees in May 2022.

“Health Plans has opened up [access to healthcare] for some of our guys out in the shop because, before that, the company could not afford to offer health insurance,” Sadler said. “[Health Plans is] affordable for them.”

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KT Power Systems

KT Power in Cape Girardeau wanted a more substantial solution for a group health plan. The company’s leadership knew maintaining the amount being contributed to their employee plans would be difficult with the current trend. Saint Francis Health Plans’ cost containment features and engagement with members was just why KT Power came along side as a client partner.

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